Consulting and leadership for
human and planetary flourishing


We're working on projects that are co-creating a more collaborative, regenerative future.

Talk to us about the future of work; human-centric organisational design; how to do remote work very, VERY well; operationalising and prioritising values of human flourishing (not just profit); 1:1 or team coaching; leadership training... and much more :)

Dr Alison Macintyre, Principal Consultant

Alison is the founder of Regenerem, working on a portfolio of consulting, research, and coaching projects. As a Research Fellow with the Centre for Behavioural Economics, Society, and Technology in Australia, she investigates “social dilemmas” involving cooperation and voluntary participation.

As a social entrepreneur, Ali has spent many years building and leading organisations and start-ups. She is currently writing a book based on her experience of developing wildly successsful people-first and purpose-driven organisational culture in remote/ work from home teams.

As a coach, Ali works with people on the edge and through the process of change, transition, transformation, and sometimes, metamorphosis. NBD.

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